7 Easy Steps Installing Your Own Wallpaper At Home

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http://news-world.me – 7 Easy Steps Installing Your Own Wallpaper At Home – Early last year, due to tempted massive discount promo that is almost 70%, I story borong various motifs in one wallpaper online store. Berlagak want to plug your own wallpaper. “Anyway, calm down! Easy!” I boast the same father father of children. The wallpaper came in, guns did not cut the beautiful motifs, plus the height of a slightly higher wall makes the guts frown to install it yourself. Although I see on youtube, it looks like how to install it very easily.
Finally, the roll of wallpaper paper was tucked away behind the warehouse door for about a year, because of my lack of courage to cut it. Until a few nights ago, the father commented on the wallpaper at his friend’s house, “it turns wall with nice wallpaper as well yak.Behoven at a friend’s house, nice wall deh use wallpaper.” Aih, how tumben, I thought to myself. In the past, he was the most opposed to using wallpaper, he said it would be easily torn, etc. Because of this comment, I am reminded of the treasures of my wallpaper that has been stored long in the warehouse.

“Kan we also have wallpaper,” I replied as I thought lest the wallpaper is torn off by rats bitten because it is stored over time. Ah, while his father is a child of another high-level error, it would be better to woo the wallpaper.
“Yes, just plug in the wallpaper that already exists, instead of being kept up, the moist will be damaged,” I lobbied so that the wallpaper could be installed as soon as possible. As a result his father’s children agreed.
Yesss! Fun! Successful …, be fair!
Is installing wallpapers easy? If there is a will, the road will be wide open. Hmmm … wise dech. But installing your own wallpaper is not too difficult as we imagine. It only takes 7 easy steps like below, plus a little happiness and affection. Why is happiness? Yes clearly dong, if happy heart, stick-out activities will be more artful and neat.
Let’s see first hand, 7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper.
What equipment should be prepared to install wallpaper on the wall? Here is the list:
1. Wall surface

Obviously dong must have a wall that will ditempelin wallpaper. Lha, if there is no wall where to install? The period in the forehead. That is the name of jidatpaper not the wallpaper.
2. Wallpaper
This is also an obligation. If there is no wallpaper what will be in the paste? It could be wall stickers, funny too. Can also paint to close the wall, hehe, but that name painted.
Wallpaper also there are several types, there is a waterbase there is an oil base. Motives also vary, including size. The standard size is usually 0.53 m x 10 m. Based on the current experience, the size of 1 wallpaper roll can be used for wall sizes of approximately 1.5 m x 3.2 m (incident wall at home slightly higher).
To calculate the needs of wallpaper is easy, for example we take the example of an area of ​​3m x 3m with a wall height of 3m.
And the wallpaper used is 0.53m x 10m.
Wide wall = (2 x (wall length + wall width)) x height of space
= ((3 m + 3 m) x 2) x 3 m
= (6 m x 2) x 3 m
= 12 m x 3 m = 36 m2
Wide wallpaper 1 roll (roll)
= Long wallpaper x width wallpaper
= 0.53 m x 10 m
= 5.3 m2
Materials needed
= Area of ​​wall / field area 1 roll (roll)
= 36 m2 / 5.3 m2
7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper = 6.79 roll (roll), rounded to 7 rolls

That calculation for the perimeter of the room yes, for one side of the wall just different calculations. I myself use the count:
Area of ​​one-sided wall = (length x height) – (wide window / door); While for the whole wall of one room = (length of room around x height of the room) – (wide window / door)
To know the needs of the wallpaper itself is the same, that is to divide the overall area of ​​the wall with the width of wallpaper sheets. Be careful with patterned wallpapers that need to be uniform motive.
3. Special glue Wallpaper

7 easy steps to install your own wallpaperLem works to paste wallpaper to wall surface. Glue wallpaper that I use in the form of powder that if used live dissolved in lukewarm water. Stirred to form a ready-to-use glue slurry. Oya, not all types of wallpaper glue should be dissolved in warm water.
4. Ruler

Hayooo, anyone know the function of this one thing? Duh, the name of a ruler to make a line. Eits, not necessarily! Apart from being a ruler, can be used to make a blend of wallpaper glue … haha. Djorok banget yak.
7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper That must be a ruler to line up and help when cutting using a cutter, let the pieces straight, guns mess. But yes if the emergency can be multifunctional.
5. Meter

The meter serves to measure the length and width of the wallpaper required to cover the surface of the wall.
6. Cutter

7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper Well, this function to cut wallpaper or can also be used to smoothed the end of wallpaper that has been installed. Usually for patterned wallpaper, to meet the motive, like there is a small part that must be wasted.
7. Kape

This tape is used to flatten the wallpaper that has been installed by pressing and pulling it on the surface of the wallpaper, so that the glue that lies underneath is neat and perfectly sealed.
I call it kape, but if written the product itself is actually called putty knife. It is made of plastic or polymer material, the tip is slightly dull not sharp, so it will not damage the wallpaper when used to flatten the bubbles. Uh, but it could also hell to flatten laps.
7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper8. Lap

It is also used in pairs with kape. To tidy up if there are air bubbles trapped behind the wallpaper surface.
9. Roller and Brush

Not a roller coaster or roller blade lho yak. But the rollers are used to paint the walls.
I bought a large roller 1 and a small 1. This roller function to sweep glue on the surface of the wall and wallpaper surface
7 easy steps to install my own wallpaper I also bought a small brush that will be used to provide a layer of glue on the edge of wallpaper. Sometimes when installed, the edges of the wallpaper has not been perfectly sealed and the glue is slightly dry, so it needs to add more glue.
10. Paint

This paint bath is used to make glue dough. It could have been in a used bucket. However, the anticipation of the glue dries, glue contrived little by little. Also with the use of a cock, a more perfect glue stirring seems.
12. Stairs

7 easy steps to install your own wallpaperThis one is used to climb. Yes it is, the lifetime of carrying. When installing high wallpaper section, of course we need a ladder to facilitate our work to install wallpaper. Eh, can also do for ya?
13. Warm & Cold Water
Make a drink when thirsty? Oh, no! This water is used to make glue dough. Glue powder is added bit by bit in warm water, stirring quickly. Added cold water if too thick. But different types of glue is also different treatment. There is no need for glue plus warm water. So read the instructions on the glue pack before dissolving the glue powder.
14. Cold Drink or Coconut Ice

Well if this is to drink when thirsty. Installing wallpaper requires precision and patience. Especially if the motive is a bit difficult. Young coconut ice is really good, especially for the hot weather kayak in Cilegon.
15. Snacks

The mask wallpaper is also human. Hungry is when it’s time to eat. So snacks should be ready, to keep the spirit of installing wallpaper on the surface of the wall.
Well, now how to install wallpaper steps to the wall? The following simple wallpaper installation procedures:
Prepare all items above. Except for cold drinks and snacks. That is sunna. Yes if you want to be iritarian, please dry throat and stomach keroncongan, as long as the wall so beautiful. Hehe.
Measure length and width of wall and also wallpaper. Cut according to the size we want. If the wallpaper is patterned, then equate the motive first, and mark on each of the cut wallpaper, to make it easier during installation.
Clean the wall surface from the dust attached with a washcloth, and flatten the uneven portion using the cape. Then seal the wall with the slurry of glue that had been made.
7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper
Cover one sheet of wallpaper that has been cut with glue using a roller. After the glue is evenly, lift the top end of the piece of wallpaper and install it from the top edge of the wall adjacent to the ceiling.
7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper
Flatten the wallpaper with the cape, so the glue is spread evenly and glue on the surface of the wall. Sometimes there is an air bubble on the bottom surface of the wallpaper, so that the bulging paper does not stick to the wall. Use a rag to tidy it in a sequential way.
7 easy steps to install your own wallpaper
Continue for the next piece, until the entire wall surface is covered with wallpaper.
Once installed, the edges will look messy. But do not worry. Clean the edges of the wallpaper adjacent to the ceiling, the curve of the wall, or the bottom with the help of a ruler and cutter.

Well, after trimming, now our wall is changing new.
Which one is better between paint and wallpaper? Hmmm …, I think there are each advantages and disadvantages. Wallpaper in a neater and clean look (because it’s new?). Installation is faster than painting. He said wallpaper is more durable, can be up to 10 years, compared to paint. Do not know too, this one has not proven. I think, if dirty also still does not last long. Not to mention if we are the type of boredom, not until 10 years, already want to change the motive. Wallpapers are also vulnerable to scratch sharp objects. Which is better, it depends on each individual taste. Hehe.
Thoroughly measure the surface of the wall to be coated wallpaper. Calculate wallpaper requirements appropriately, preferably more than less, like me. Finally patchy.
Note the motif of the selected wallpaper, if the motive must be uniformed, will usually need more and more wallpaper.

True icons will choose a striped wallpaper motif, or plain, so no need to unify the motive. Automatic use of wallpaper more efficient than a complicated pattern and must be packed between pieces one and another.
Give more glue to the edges of the wallpaper, especially on the connection, so that it is perfectly sealed and visible together with other pieces.
Be careful when installing wallpaper from the top of the stairs, there is a potential fall.
Usually between the ground floor and the wall, some are already using the list, so the bottom end of the wallpaper does not touch directly on the ground floor. If I, because the initial design does not use the list, I finally leave 10 cm from the surface of the floor, and I paint with a glossy exterior paint. The goal is to keep the wallpaper durable, because the lower end of the wallpaper will not be in direct contact with the mop when the floor is cleaned.
Seventh tip is to use professional wallpaper installation services if we are not confident about the result. It’s a bit more expensive, but basically it can be done alone. Many video mounting wallpapers that we can see on youtube. Oya, if using installation services, make sure early on the price agreement, whether per roller wallpaper, per meter, or daily. If daily, make sure how many people are craftsmen and helper.

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