ROGUE SCOTUS STRIKES AGAIN: Supreme Court Blocks States from Proving Voters are Legal Citizens

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Not that we needed any more proof that the Supreme Court is now rogue, operating outside the confines of the U.S. Constitution, but we might as well point out their agenda while theyre at it.

Last week the SCOTUS shot down states rights when it ruled that state doesnt mean state and the constitution somehow protects gay marriage no matter what states rightfully believe. Now comes a new ruling that states cant require those registering to vote to prove they are citizens.

Via Roll Call.

The case, Kobach, et al. v. Election Assistance Commission, et al., was about whether Arizona and Kansas could require voters to prove their citizenship when registering to vote with the so-called federal form. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach led the suit against the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which was an appeal of a lower court decision.

Both Kansas and Arizona have state laws that require applicants to prove their citizenship when applying to vote with state forms (for state or federal elections). But the U.S. EAC denied the states requests to have their citizenship laws applied when would-be voters use the standardized federal form.

The Supreme Court had already ruled in 2013 that state proof-of-citizenship laws couldnt be applied when people try to register with the federal form. The states direct request to the EAC was a last-ditch effort to get around that.

By not hearing the case, the Supreme Court effectively upheld the decision of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled against Arizona and Kansas in November 2014, saying the EAC did not have to modify its form to meet state laws. Under the federal form, would-be voters need only swear under penalty of perjury that they are citizens.

And yet we here at were called wacky when we suggested Obamas open borders was all about dramatically changing the electorate in America.

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