THE BALTIMORE SIX: How the Freddie Gray Case Stands to Change Law Enforcement Forever

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The death of 25 year old Freddie Gray in Baltimore served as a tipping point for a nation already divided amongst themselves under the failed leadership of a petty and trivial charlatan named Barack Obama.

Serving as an example of the absolute worst leadership this great nation has to offer, the death of Freddie Gray illustrated to the law-abiding faction of the country that mob-rule takes precedent over the rights of contributing members of society and further adding unnecessary fuel to an already climatic fire.

Case in point, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her decision to indulge the primal bloodlust of thugs along with their desire to take what never belonged to them and burn a city built by the labor of superior men to the near ground.

All for what, Justice at any cost?

That is a laughable sentiment at best. When Rawlings-Blake made the conscious decision to allow the victimization of the innocent, the victimization of contributing members of society, all for the appeasement of the lower echelon of humanity, it was far more than a betrayal of Baltimores constituents… It was a full blown assault on American values.

Following the angry mobs demand for justice, the city of Baltimore doubled-down in their betrayal of the public they were elected to serve, this time by turning their backs on the those that have sworn to keep the peace, our nations law enforcement.

Instead of seeing the truth for what it is is, the fact Gray was nothing more than a degenerate thug hellbent on living a criminal lifestyle, postmortem, he was turned into some type of a poster child for the victimized black community.

Disregarding the such facts as Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosbys order that placed the six police officers standing trial for Grays murder on the particular corner Gray was detained or the fact her office threatened police officers with administrative action if they were unable to cleanup the streets plagued with rampant crime… Law enforcement has now become the problem, not the criminals.

Before we move on to the consequences we as a nation will suffer because of the dangerous precedent this case sets, here are is where the case against the Baltimore Six stand now.

Via Fox

Six police officers were indicted in Grays death. Jury selection in the first trial begins Monday. A verdict will likely set the tone for the city: If Officer William Porter is acquitted there could be protests and possibly more unrest. A conviction could send shockwaves through the citys troubled police department.

Everything is at stake. The future of the city is at stake, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

Porter faces charges of assault, manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. He is accused of checking on Gray during several stops the van made during its 45-minute trip from the Gilmor Homes in Sandtown-Winchester, where Gray was arrested, to the Western District station house, where officers found Gray unresponsive and he was taken to a hospital. He died a week later.

Porter is black. Two other officers are black and the three others are white. They will be tried separately beginning in January; their trials are expected to last until the spring.

The trials, much like Grays death, are a microcosm of larger, systemic issues within the city, and the verdicts will have consequences on the citys immediate future, as well as its healing. Nearly eight months after the city burned, the stakes for the police, the politicians and the public remain high.

When violent crime began surging in May, residents of predominantly poor black neighborhoods that bore the brunt of the bloodshed blasted the police for abandoning their posts a side effect, some said, of the charges against the officers involved in Grays death. The police union, in turn, criticized the former commissioner for failing to protect and support them during the riot.

The political and social agenda has changed, too. Since April issues including segregation, unemployment, poverty and housing inequality have been thrown into sharp focus. In October, a group of students staged an all-night sit-in at City Hall over a list of demands that included the firing of the citys housing commissioner over a lawsuit that alleges handymen traded sex for repairs for poor, black women living in public housing.

Duane Shorty Davis, a community activist, said the trial will make or break the city.

Make or break indeed…

If this case moves forward and all six officers are charged, the effects of the trial will undoubtably send shockwaves through the nations law enforcement community.

If these officers are criminally charged for doing their jobs, a job that the rest of us fail to understand the stresses of, as well as mental turmoil that comes with the responsibility of having to make life changing decisions within seconds not minutes… How on earth can we expect law enforcement to continue to suit up everyday and stand before us, to defend us, to risk their lives so that we are safe night? We cant and here is why.

If the Baltimore six are charged, many law enforcement officers will find themselves questioning their instincts all out of the fear of being charged for some sort criminal wrongdoing as soon as the black community complains. What this all means in short is that more officers will be killed in the line of duty, simply because they will now hesitate to act in situations where seconds mean life or death.