Youre a Waste of Human Flesh: 12-Year-Old Kid Blasts Al Sharpton in Viral Video

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C.J. Pearson, a 12-year-old Black kid from Georgia who gained notoriety for posting viral videos about President Barack Obama and American politics, has released a new clip in which he called Al Sharpton a waste of human flesh.

Pearson, flat out says that Sharpton doesnt care about black people.

You dont care about me, you dont not care about Michael Brown, you dont care about Walter Scott, you didnt care about Trayvon Martin, he proclaimed. You dont care about us.

He went on: If you think youre doing anything good for us, you are a twisted little individual.

Pearson said Sharpton does nothing but spur hatred in the Black community, trying to constantly portray them as victims.

We are not the victims, he said. Pearson said Sharpton could encourage people to stand up, but instead beats them down and plays the race card. Not everyone is a racist.

Watch the clip below:

And the kid commentators proclamations didnt end there, as he chastised Sharpton for turning Scotts death into a twisted, race-baiting little scenario, saying, instead, that the mans shooting death at the hands of former police officer Michael Slager was stupidity at the highest level.

If you cared about our race, our color and our group of people, then you would help us, Pearson said. You dont care. Youre a phony. Youre only in this business to make money, to achieve fame. We dont want you Al, we dont want you Jesse Jackson. We dont want any of you, because youre not for us and youre not right.

Pearson said that hes sick and tired of people like Sharpton being the perceived voices of the black community.

Youre a waste of human flesh, he concluded.

[h/t: Gateway Pundit]