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Who We Are ?

News World has swiftly become a go-to service for professional communicators and organizations eager to broadcast their news to media professionals, stakeholders, and a digitally-engaged public. Distinguished by its exceptionally competitive pricing, NewsWorld offers services at substantially lower costs than its competitors, often saving clients significant amounts of money. This cost-effectiveness is largely due to NewsWorld’s ownership and utilization of its exclusive, state-of-the-art distribution technologies.


News World is a trailblazer in the market.

In the longstanding field of electronic press release distribution, many original players continue to use outmoded technologies and methods that no longer effectively reach key audiences. Despite this, their fees remain prohibitively high, leading clients to question the worth of these services. NewsWorld, on the other hand, is setting a new benchmark in news distribution.

Services include dissemination through newswires, syndication, direct delivery to newsrooms and mobile devices, and are optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Established by industry experts, NewsWorld was built on the vision of news delivery converging in a centralized hub, which aggregates news from a multitude of sources into targeted U.S. State and Country Newswires. NewsWorld is recognized as a leading source for communication professionals who value their time. It is adeptly designed for those seeking and those distributing breaking news, allowing users to upload their news directly into a stream of daily updates. NewsWorld caters to a diverse and worldwide client base, all sharing goals of efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, and value.

Our Network

With its proprietary distribution network that reaches millions, News World delivers messages at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. It has developed and maintains unique distribution channels that effectively connect with journalists, corporate leaders, government officials, and the information-seeking public. News World is the epitome of press content delivery in the digital era. Its mission is straightforward yet profound: to enable seamless global communication - embodying The Global Source for Digital News Distribution

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