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We never undervalue any aspects of any project because they are all crucial to achieving the end result. Our upbeat and enthusiastic approach will engage you.

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Media Analysis

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Competitor Analysis

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Press relations

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Media Analisys

Impact analisys

Media impact analysis and valuation of the impacts

Brand analisys

Media analysis of your brands

Image audits

Evaluating the current brand image and identity of an organization

Perception audit

Perception audits by journalists

Image benchmarking

Measuring the success of images used in online campaigns to determine which images work best

Various Mappings

Influence mapping, Stakeholder mapping, Risk mapping


Clarifying the positioning of your brands

Digital image management

Keeping your images aligned to your brand vision

Making your brand stand out

Differentiating your brand positioning


Harmonizing all your communication needs around the graphic charter or visual identity


Mediating a new product or new offer


Communication planning, Media meetings planning, Media planning

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Competitor Analysis

Analysis of competitors' media positioning

Analyzing the types of media outlets, types of messages, and content and how those messages are being communicated

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Press Relations

Press relations

Creating topics adapted to each type of press and establishing permanent contact with them

Content Used for Press

Creating, monitoring and updating targeted and specific press lists and files

Social Media

Developing your presence in new media: social networks, blogs, video content sites

Communicating with the press

Sending information to journalists and media whenever necessary

Press books

Establishing a regular press book with all your press clippings


Quantitative and qualitative opinion studies


Providing periodic activity reports

Contact with journalists

Managing your relationships with specialized journalists and sending them press releases and information

Media training

Media training of executives and media coaching of spokespersons


Organizing interviews, personalized meetings, and one-to-one meetings with journalists as well as press events


Writing press releases, press kits, social media releases, disseminating columns in the media


Press review and real-time media monitoring, following editorial calendars, monitoring your brands, your executives, sector news

Our Services

Corporate Communication


Corporate communication, External communication, Internal communication


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